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Welcome to the Ultimate Shop Hop Prizes & Awards page! If you are participating in Row by Row be sure to join our hop as well.

We currently have 3 grand prize classifications. The 3 grand prize winners will receive 1 yard of Fabric, 5 Quilting Notions, Tote Bag, a free 6 Month Subscription to the Mobile Website, and a free national directory. 

Most shops visited
Most states visited
Largest geographical area between shops (ex: Alaska - Florida)

ALL participants in the Ultimate Shop Hop with at least 5 shop signatures will receive a 1/2 Yard of Fabric, Tote Bag, a free 6 Month Subscription to the Mobile Website, and a free national directory.


In order for your passport to be considered valid it must be post marked no later then July 5th for the Winter-Spring or January 5th for Summer-Fall. All entries must have an official Ultimate Shop Hop Passport out of that edition (additional passports available on our website). All validations from shops must be done by an employee of the shop. Validations from duplicate shops do not count even if the dates are different. Only shops in the US and Canada qualify to sign the passport.

NEW: Please note that the 3 grand prizes can not be won by the same participant and a participant can only win 1 time per year.

First passport received from each state for the 29th Edition Shop Hop.


AL – Irene Carannante

AZ – Pati Peterson

CO – Laural Hoppes

CT - Sandy Dawid

FL – Melissa Roof

IN – Ms. Crystal Coons

IA – Phyllis Deppe

LA – Valerie Brooks

MA – Paula Foisey

MN – Debra Liermann

MO – Anita Bergen

NH – Brenda Howe

NM – Marilynn Crelier

NY- Kaye Smith

OH – Lisa Walton-Polzin

OR – Virginia Musgrave

VA - Natalie Jarratt

WA – Sandra & Larry Kinney


WI – Sheri Liermann

Most shops visited for the 29th Edition Shop Hop


Deanna Phillips ($50 Gift Certificate)

Most states visited for the 29th Edition Shop Hop


Marilyn Whitford ($50 Gift Certificate)

Largest geographical area between shops for the 29th Edition Shop Hop (ex: Alaska - Florida)


Sheilah Zielinski ($50 Gift Certificate)

Shops who have contributed to our Ultimate Shop Hop

Countryside Village, 1540 N Division St, Braidwood, IL 


Deanna, Marilyn & Sheilah congratulations on winning the 29th Edition of the Ultimate Shop Hop. IF you see your name on here (Deanna, Marilyn & Sheilah) you can call us at 800-854-9239 and share with us the quilt shop you would like your gift certificate to if we have not reached you yet.

The Staff at WRBQ Inc. would also like to say thank you to all the Quilt & Fabric Shops who participated in Validating the Passports for our Shop Hoppers. We look forward to the next submission of passports to start coming in for the May - January 30th Edition Ultimate Shop Hop.. Happy Quilting!

Thank you for participating in the Ultimate Shop Hop!

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